Megyer A. tournament black orange wooden arrows

6.50 €

Excellent quality, weight and spine matched tournament wooden arrows with plastic nock, by Megyer Archery.

Please read the more description and check the spine chart!

Length (max draw length)
Shaft surface
Custom product, to order only, 1-2 week production time.

The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 10.

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These custom tournament wooden arrows are made of - weight and spine - matched, really straight first class alpine pine shafts, in 8,2mm diameter. These arrows are lightweight, with small air resistance. The tournament arrows are Fitted with screwed point, Arizona z nock, and 4" length turkey feathers, using premium glues.

The heaviest arrow max weight, with 80 graines point.

Length Spine
26" 23,4g 24,5 25,6g 26,6g 27,7g
27" 24,1g 25,2g 26,3g 27,4g 28,5g
28" 24,7g 25,9g 27g 28,2g 29,3g
29" 25,4g 26,5g 27,7g 28,9g 30,1g
30" 26g 27,2g 28,5g 29,7g 30,9g
31" 26,7g 27,9g 29,2g 30,4g 31,7g
32" 27,3g 28,6g 29,9g 31,2g 32,5g

Data sheet

Arrow shaft
8,2 mm, first class alpine pine
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