Bow instructions and warranty

1 year warranty for all bow!

The warranty is valid for normal use, the normal use is, when you shoot arrows.

Never aim humans, animals or anything, what you do not want to shoot!

Always unhook, when you do not use the bow!

Protect from heat, use the bow's bag, when you don't use your bow!

Sometimes lubricate the string with wax, keep it sticky!

Do not use you bow with damaged string!

Never shoot with damaged arrow!

Never dryfire! The dryfire is when you release the string, without loaded an arrow.

Never twist the arms, and never push the ends of bow to the ground or other objects!

Store horizontally in dry place, at room temperature!

Never draw more than the max draw length!

Protect your arrows, use polyfoam archery target!

How to string a traditional bow? Click here to watch the video on youtube