Terms and conditions of use

All right reserved!

Details of the operator:

Megyer Henrik sole proprietorship

8360 Keszthely, Kisfaludy utca 10


+36 30 494 3355

VAT number: HU66076474

Email: megyerijaszat@megyerijaszat.hu

All arrows store vertical!


1 year warranty for the bows!

In case of a warranty claim:

The bow will be repaired if possible or replced with a new one

Warranty claim is possible under the following conditions:

    Broken limbs

    Limbs delaminate

    Cracks in limbs or limb laminates

    Fractures of middle parts

    Cracks in middle parts

    Fraction of tips

Non-warranty clause:

    Bow is treated negligently or intentionally destroyed or damaged

    Limbs twist after a bow has been in use for 6 months

    Obvious wear and tear

Return policy

14 days return, for all "not custom" products!

- The 14 days return is not free use! Just possible to open the package, and check the products.

- Buyer pays for return shipping!

- Return address:

 Henrik Megyer, 8360 Keszthely, Kisfaludy utca 10, Hungary

- Max 30 days money refund!

- Depreciation must be paid for a used, damaged product!